Welcome, 2021! Every year, this period brings with it so much excitement, anticipation, and hope as we set our eyes on what the year has in store for us. After the things that happened in 2020—braving a global pandemic and having to quarantine ourselves—we’re ready to move on. A new year means an untarnished chance to look ahead and plan our new adventures in life.  

 Of course, with the New Year comes new intentions as well. These intentions symbolize the things we hold near and dear to our hearts and care about most in life. They should reflect the parts of our lives we want to improve. Whether it be weight loss, smiling more often, or even just trying your hand at something new, intentions should mark what matters most to us. Meaning, if you really want to make a difference in 2021, make giving a part of your New Year’s intentions. Here are some ideas for how you can create resolutions that give back:

Donate to Your Favorite Charity 

Make 2021 a year for charitable giving. Find a cause that you really care about and commit to donating regularly. One-time donations are certainly helpful, but more frequent donations can have a huge impact throughout the year. Find a monthly amount that you are comfortable with gifting and commit to donating more often. If you find that you are unable to donate as often as you intended to, spread the word! Today’s technology and social media platforms play a huge role in the success of many fundraisers and awareness efforts. Sometimes supporting organizations just takes a simple share, tweet, pin, or post.

Pick Up an Extending Smiles Bouquet

Whether it’s for a friend, family member, someone who you’d like to get to know better, or even a stranger that needs a little bit of encouragement, an Extending Smiles bouquet is the way to go! Flowers make people happy, and that’s something we could all use a little more of in 2021. Buying a bouquet doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. Albertsons curbside pickup means you can grab and go. So, what are you waiting for? Extend a smile now!

Use Gift-Cards to Bless Someone

Bless someone with the gift of generosity. It’s so easy to think only of ourselves and our personal problems. It takes a measure of grace to think about what you can give to others instead of what you can take for yourself. Have you ever watched people and wondered what their life is like? If you know someone in need, attach a positive note to a gift card. Share it with a person who needs a little encouragement in their life. Gift cards are always appreciated, whether they are for restaurants, the movies, or the grocery store. The dollar amount on the card doesn’t matter. What matters is that it comes from the heart.  

Now that 2021 is here, start working on those intentions! If you want to have an even greater impact this year, make giving a part of your resolutions. Try out some of these ideas or come up with some of your own to give back and make a valuable contribution to the lives of others. Make it a HAPPY New Year!